Hi, I am Feroz!


This blog is dedicated for everyone who wants to explore the world and make a change in their life, for all the travellers who are looking for new destinations to tick on their bucket list and also for the ones who are looking for some beauty and style tips from all over the world.

The adventure has just begun now when I am decided to share my life, my travel stories with you all. Few years ago, most precisely in 2012 I embraced the challenge to work for one of the biggest airlines in the world as a flight attendant. Since then my life perspective has changed completely after I had the chance to discover the world and learn about cultures and traditions.

Honestly, It is true the quote:’ The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Before the flight attendant job I used to work in an office and I almost traveled once a year finding excuses like time and money. The truth is you can travel cheap if you know some tips and hacks about the destinations.

After almost 4 years of career as a flight attendant I decide to quit my job and keep travelling on my own and I would like to share my experience with you here on my travel journal.

It was a though decision knowing what I leave behind: the most important friends and memories I will keep them in a valuable chapter of my life. At that time I thought is better to explore more about each place. The adventure begun with a stop in London where I worked 1 year in fashion. As you might know there everything is related to fashion world. The weather in London was not on my taste and after 1 year I moved to Cape Town! Yes, Cape Town so far is the place I will love to settle down when the time will come.

Maybe you think what is different on my travel blog? the simple fact I am doing everything with passion and I want to help people find their perfect holiday, unforgetable honeymoon, fantastic tours and even the retirement place.

World is too beautiful to stay in one place!

Safe travels!