My favourite places for breakfast in Cape Town

Breakfast is my favourite meal and we all know the most important meal of the day. I am a morning person and I love enjoying breakfast as much as possible sometimes it takes me even 2 hours to finish. The most important thing on my breakfast table is the coffee and I like to try different types of coffee but usually I go for a Cappuccino or Ice Coffee Latte for summer days.

1. Giovanni Coffee for the fantastic vibe as soon as you get there. The coffee I like the most here. Its usually very crowded and you should be very lucky to find an empty seat. The eat in area is small with high stools and counters.

At Giovanni's Deliworld you have many fresh and tasty options at a reasonable price if you like the Mediterranean food. You can chose the type bread for your sandwich and the ingredients you want from a varied selection of meats, vegetables, spreads and even baked food. They have a delicious hummus and olive paste!

103 Main Road, Cape Town Central,
South Africa
Phone: +27 21 434 6893

2. Clarke's Bar and Dinning Room Restaurant

Friendly atmosphere and they serve breakfast all day long. The view is a big plus for this place as you can have a seat outside and enjoy the beautiful view on Bree Street.
The place is usually frequent by young crowd but not only. I went there two times and every time I was impressed with the service. Our waiter was very friendly and he offered us a full description of the menu and recommendations. My friend ordered a burger and he have tried burgers all over the world but this burger was one of the best!
I have tried the homemade granola with fruits and I was very happy with my choice.

Location: 133 Bree Street, Cape Town 8001
Phone: +27 21 424 7648

3. Dear me

Very beautiful interior design, a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. The waitress brought us water and we knew from the start this place is different in a very good way.
Let's talk about food! Tasty and good looking on the plates.

I couldn't decide what to chose from their menu as everything sound great. I went for green matcha porridge and a cappuccino. The order came fast and the portions very big enough. At a table next to ours someone ordered eggs Benedict and it was so delicious looking!

Location: 165 Longmarket St, Cape Town
Phone: +27 21 422 4920

In search for more cosy places with good breakfast to share with you all.
Any suggestion from you will be most appreciated!