My first time surfing – a dream came true!

Agatha Christie, the known fiction author said after she has tried for the first time surfing in Cape Town; “It is one of the most perfect physical pleasures that I have known” and I couldn’t agree more. I will never forget my first experience riding the waves on my surfboard in the beautiful turquoise ocean water at Macao Beach. First time I had the desire to try surfing while I was in Cape Town and I always found excuses to not doing it and I left another dream waiting to be ticked on my wish list. While in Punta Cana at Macao Beach I spotted the Surf Camp and I thought now is the moment to fulfill one of my dreams! Absolutely fantastic decision to choose the Surf Camp instructors to teach me the techniques of riding the waves. The first day I had fallen so badly but it challenged me even more to learn and do the perfect pop-up. I was always telling myself: "You can do it, Feri! You can do it!”  and in the end guess who was jamming the waves like a pro? 

The fear for deep water was still active in my mind and I couldn’t relax to feel the waves and glide on without falling. Once that fear of deep water disappeared I could feel the waves carrying me, the sound of the broken waves and the cheers of joy from my instructors and the other newcomers. 

After the third day my pop-up technique was much better and I manage to keep my balance and surf to the shore without falling. 

This adventure will not stop here because I plan to take it to the next level and surf like a pro. There’s a lot I have learned from surfing and the most important for me is I learned to be PATIENT and wait before taking the right decisions. As I was waiting there for the good waves to come I was so calm and I was breathing happiness from all pores!